Why Helloooooo!!!

This is legit one of our fave quotes to use and most people have NOOOO idea what it’s from!!! It’s from The Torkelsons!! Chuckie Lee Torkelson would use a manly voice and say it to girls and it was so funny!! get on youtube folks, you’ll thank us later 🙂 (and yes that’s Mouth from One Tree Hill)

But seriously, HELLOOOOO!!! Welcome to the Adventures of Su & Lu!
We are a mom & daughter duo – we be like best friends yo – and love to do alllll the fun things!!
We love local restaurants, brews & wine outings, shopping, exploring the area, traveling in our RVs, being with our family, and soooo much more!!!!

Writing a blog about our adventures has always been a dream of ours and we entered 2019 saying NOW!! We’ve got to do this NOW!!!
so here we are!
We can’t wait to share with you about our friendship, some past adventures and many many many adventures to come!!!
Stay Tuned!!!!

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