Whose idea was this!?

So if you have read any of our previous posts you may have come across the “40 Days 40 Bags” that Su penned.  I had taken my dad to a midday Ash Wednesday Service that day and left Su alone for just a short period of time and wham – I am stuffing bags the next 40 days!  What?!  So what did I do about it!?  I TOLD HER ——-of course I will do it. 🙂   That’s what we do.  We take on things together.  Good/bad/funny/sad.  All of it.  I started stuffing bags.  I have had bags so far that contained clothes, kitchen appliances, and magazines.  But my favorite one so far is my bag of bags.  When I pulled it out of the closet I literally laughed out loud.  Who in their right mind has a giant bag full of every shopping bag you have brought into the house. (ME!)  If there ever was a national emergency where all the bags were gone and the call went out for anyone who had bags to help supply that need – I could have answered that call for thousands.  Not really, but seriously, why did I have all those bags.  So I pulled them out and they are now on their way to be recycled.  To hopefully become something more useful than a giant mess in my coat closet.  Truthfully, I am glad she put us up to this task.  I started the process of down-sizing several years ago and it has been interesting.  In the past 7 years I have transitioned from 2,500 sq ft. to today I am in 1001 sq ft. with a possibility of one day soon going smaller.  This process is not easy but it is freeing.  Stuff – just stuff – holds you back more than you know.  When you fill your life with stuff, you have less time for the important “stuff” (your relationships with family members, friends, and Jesus).  So Su and I are now 7 days in and I already feel lighter.  33 more bags to go!

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