TBT Birthday Style!!

It’s my birthday week (because my bday is always a week long event!!) so I thought it was only appropriate that for this week’s TBT we go back to 2010- my 23rd birthday!

I was obsessed with Julia Child (still am) and wanted to make her famous Boeuf Bourguignon (said in JC’s voice), so for my birthday we had a dinner party!! Lu & I cracked open JC’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and together we finagled out way through the instructions, with aprons on of course! We made the entire meal pretending we were doing our own cooking show but of course talking like Julia Child the whole time! There were many “Save the Liver” utterances while cooking, even though no liver was present to save.
We laughed, we cried (onions tend to have that effect) and laughed some more until the meal was ready!!!
It turned out pretty good too!

I love cooking with Lu. She cooks without boundaries and rules- a goal I hope to attain one day. She’s taught me to cook with love, laughter, and wine 🙂

Stay tuned for this year’s birthday festivities!!!

One thought on “TBT Birthday Style!!

  1. I’ve been making beef burgundy,for years. Marty made it for his culinary arts contest as a senior in high school.


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