We’re Not Dead Yet!

“We are not dead yet We can dance and We can sing We are not dead yet We can do the
Highland Fling!!”
a Spamalot song has never been more appropriate than right now!!

Sorry we’ve been MIA these past 6 months! We LOVE doing and everything and I mean EVERYTHING together- so we thought, why not take turns having surgery and recovering together, that’ll be fun right?!
But seriously, Lu & I went through some major health issues over the spring and summer. We both had to have surgery which each came with a long recovery. It’s been emotionally and physically time consuming to say the least. But we went through it together and helped each other along the way!

and now we’re BACK!!! just in time for the best time of the year…. FAIR SEASON!! That’s right!! Friday is opening day for the State Fair of Texas and you know we’ll be there with our season passes!! so stay tuned!!! we’ll be talking all these fair, farm and FOOD over these next 4 weeks!!!!!

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