Whose idea was this!?

So if you have read any of our previous posts you may have come across the “40 Days 40 Bags” that Su penned.  I had taken my dad to a midday Ash Wednesday Service that day and left Su alone for just a short period of time and wham – I am stuffing bags the next 40 days!  What?!  So what did I do about it!?  I TOLD HER ——-of course I will do it. 🙂   That’s what we do.  We take on things together.  Good/bad/funny/sad.  All of it.  I started stuffing bags.  I have had bags so far that contained clothes, kitchen appliances, and magazines.  But my favorite one so far is my bag of bags.  When I pulled it out of the closet I literally laughed out loud.  Who in their right mind has a giant bag full of every shopping bag you have brought into the house. (ME!)  If there ever was a national emergency where all the bags were gone and the call went out for anyone who had bags to help supply that need – I could have answered that call for thousands.  Not really, but seriously, why did I have all those bags.  So I pulled them out and they are now on their way to be recycled.  To hopefully become something more useful than a giant mess in my coat closet.  Truthfully, I am glad she put us up to this task.  I started the process of down-sizing several years ago and it has been interesting.  In the past 7 years I have transitioned from 2,500 sq ft. to today I am in 1001 sq ft. with a possibility of one day soon going smaller.  This process is not easy but it is freeing.  Stuff – just stuff – holds you back more than you know.  When you fill your life with stuff, you have less time for the important “stuff” (your relationships with family members, friends, and Jesus).  So Su and I are now 7 days in and I already feel lighter.  33 more bags to go!

Shoulda Said No Salsa…

Eating healthy and eating out don’t always go hand in hand but with Su & Lu ANYTHING is possible!!
We had read about a Keto Bowl option now available at Chipotle and decided today was the day to give it a go. We walk up to the counter and goofily ask for the keto bowl we’ve read about. (and yep, we asked it like that) Luckily for us, she knew what we were talking about- bc we sure didn’t- and starts building our bowl. Lettuce, steak, guac, sour cream, cheese- our eyes were getting big and our tummies were getting excited! then we got to salsa and not thinking twice we said yep! I mean seriously it’s the basic salsa they offer to everyone so that tomato-y taste with a little heat would be perfect!!!

We shoulda said no…. I’ll let our pic speak for the flavor….

pain. actual pain.

Topo Chico couldn’t help our situation. Lu even took the steak and wiped it with napkins so we could at least eat the meat. It was pretty pathetic- even for us.
But of course we laughed until we cried- and then cried because we were in pain- and vowed to never have the salsa again!!!

Keto Bowl Update!
I went back a few days later and ordered the same thing WITHOUT salsa this time and it was AMAZING!!! I felt like I was eating something awful for me but left feeling satisfied and still able to feel my tongue and lips!!!

Another exciting cooking episode with Su and Lu!

Well here we are again, back in the kitchen, one of our favorite places to hang out.  Usually these cooking episodes include fun, laughter, wine and some of our best meals we have put together.  This one is no exception.  We have decided to conquer homemade cauliflower crust pizza.  Su has scoured the internet for recipes and has selected the one she thinks is “it”.  So here we go:

As always, we are a team.  The cauliflower is cooking, we are measuring bowls of cheeses, eggs and seasonings.  We have set our sites on 9 crusts – 3 for tonight and 6 for the freezer.  It is easier than we think to put these together.  We cook each crust and they all have a look of their own which gives them that homemade touch. We add our pizza sauce (tip:  always read the labels as you do not need any extra sugar).  We grate some fresh mozzarella and add the pepperoni.  Into the oven it goes.  There is nothing better than smell of pizza freshly baking in the oven – yummmmmmmm!  We take it out piping hot and then the real test begins.  We are serving our family: 2 kids, 2 husbands and my dad (Su’s Papa).  Guess what!  It is a hit!  Everyone enjoys it with no complaints!   So we are including the recipe below with a Su and Lu stamp of approval.  We have decided though that we will try two other recipes that we have discovered for Keto friendly pizza crust before we cast our vote for our favorite.  But that is for another weekend.  Stay Tuned!

Recipe for Cauliflower Pizza Crust
*1 bag of cauliflower rice (12oz usually is the size)
*1/3 cup of mozzarella cheese
*1 Tbsp parmesan cheese
*1 egg
*1/4 tsp garlic powder
*1/4 tsp oregano
*1/4 tsp calt

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Cook cauliflower rice according to bag instructions- it’s either microwave or easy heat on the stove top.
3. SUPER IMPORTANT STEP!!! place the cauliflower rice on a cutting board and grab a milk bag or tea towel and SQUEEZE as much liquid out of that rice as possible. this is SOOO important because if you don’t, your crust will be soggy
4. In a medium size mixing bowl, combine drained cauliflower rice with mozzarella, parmesan, egg, garlic powder, oregano and salt. Stir until fully combined.
5. Dump the dough out onto a baking sheet or pizza stone *lined with parchment paper* and form into a circle. Make sure it stays about 1/2″ thick- basically no holes 🙂
6. Bake for 20-25 min or until golden brown. Use the parchment paper to flip the crust over and bake again on the other side for about 5-10min more.
7. Add your fave toppings and cook for 8-12 min or until the cheese is melted and bubbly ORRRRRRR don’t add the toppings and FREEZE!!!
7.5- if you want to freeze your crust ahead of time for later don’t add those toppings- stop here! put it in the freezer just like it is on the parchment paper for 1-2hours. Then wrap in aluminum foil and put back in freezer until you’re ready to eat!! When you’re ready to make the pizza- take the crust out of the freezer, don’t thaw, but immediately go to step 7 and then enjoy 🙂

International Women’s Day and a Bag Update!

Su here! I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to my madre Lu on International Women’s Day!! She’s so cool y’all 🙂

Today was one of those days that could’ve been labeled ehhh but what I love about hangin with Lu is that no Day is ever ehhh… every day becomes an adventure! Even the simplest things…

We went and got our free IWD pins at World Market bc we do all things free! We had noooooo time but suddenly a text comes through for a free pin and we become free as a bird!!! They’re so cute too!!!

And just like that our day was an adventure 🙂

Bag update also!!!!! Today’s bag was filled with trash from the kids room! Wow… I didn’t realize I would fill a bag that quickly either!! It was a little shocking to find that much trash in their room!!!

Stay tuned for more bag updates!!!

Our First TBT!!

It’s Thursday and it’s time for a throw back Su and Lu style.  First let me say Su and I have been through many (and I mean many!) adventures together.  Honestly, I believe our first one was the day they let me take her home and I looked at that tiny little red head and thought “it’s you and me kid – what fun we are going to have!”  So with that being said Su and I decided each Thursday we will revisited some of the highlights of this dynamic duo.  Here we go:

Through Su’s high school years I was very fortunate to go as a leader on many missions trips.  One such trip to Florida gave us tons of special memories.  There was learning to paint and roof a house for one.  And the wonderful senior citizens we had the privilege to meet.  But one thing that makes us laugh every time we think about that trip was the ongoing “What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar” contest that went on every night.  We had kids do magic tricks and even eat paper(which was a little disgusting).  Now Su and I have done many crazy talent shows and are known for totally embarrassing ourselves in these so why should this be any different.  We developed a ventriloquist act.  Not just any ventriloquist act but one where Su was the dummy.  So many things I could add here but she might kill me J.  (I have included a photo).  We had a few jokes and ended our routine with a spectacular feat.  I drank water while my “dummy” sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The part where she acted like she was choking on the water was hysterical.   It brought the house down and we were awarded not 1 but 2 Klondike Bars! 

Like I said this is the first of many throw backs we will share on Thursdays.  They bring a smile to both our faces and help you to see (and reminds us) why we are who we are today.  Thanks for letting us share!

40 Bags in 40 Days!

Let me start by saying I am not Marie Kondo, not even close. I’m just a girl…standing in front of a house….asking it to be clean and organized.
but seriously 🙂 …

40 bags in 40 days.

let’s back the train up for a sec and start with a History & Current Events lesson
(it’s the teacher in me yall)
Today is Ash Wednesday, which is also the 1st day of Lent. For some, Lent is a 40 day period of giving up chocolate, caffeine, sugar or something else after Pancake Day (see previous blog 🙂 ). Traditionally, it’s seen as a time in which to reflect upon the life and death of Jesus.

The number of the day is 40!! (ah ah ah)
The 40 days of Lent represent the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness at the start of his ministry. Jesus fasted during this time in the wilderness, so the concept of giving up something during the 40 days of Lent comes from this as a way to understand what He went through and as a way to prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday.

so how does 40 days become a 40 bags thing…

We have filled our house – overly filled- with things we have to have(!!), that we think we NEED. These “things” can weigh us down on so many levels- physically, mentally, even spiritually. Our stuff can literally keep us from doing what God has called us to do. more stingy feelings- man this is tough for me even to type!
i don’t know about you but i don’t want to live that way!!!

so here’s what we’re doing!!
every day for 40 days, Lu and I are going to fill a bag- most days it will be a grocery-size bag- and get rid of them! Some bags will be trash, some bags will be donations. you may be thinking 40 bags, that’s a lot!! no way I can fill 40 bags… but break it down! one day you clean out a drawer, the next is your pantry, then your car (you know you can fill a bag with those empty starbucks cups still in there am i right?!), and then under your sink, etc 🙂 Make a checklist of places in your house, then make a chart to check off a bag a day!
The point though is not about cleaning out, organizing or patting ourselves on the back for a clean house (although that is a serious accomplishment for us)…
our focus for these 40 days is to declutter our lives- inward and outward. We don’t want to be held down or back from what God has put us on this Earth to do. We’re gonna take these 40 days and remember what matters – and that’s Jesus. Stuff doesn’t matter.

It’s just stuff.

Pancake Tuesday!

It’s the day before Lent, a day that is known by many names.  The official name is Shrove Tuesday, but you may know it as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras.  There is another name that is used and it is my personal favorite – Pancake Day.  Who doesn’t want to participate in Pancake Day!   

Shrove Tuesday was meant to be a reminder that the time of Lent was about to begin.  In history, Christians during Lent gave up rich tasty foods such as eggs, butter, cheese and fat.  (all those on Keto just let out a yelp!)  Shrove Tuesday was the last day to use them and think about it – can you think of a better way to use them then to make pancakes!!  

So in Su and Lu style, we will be making three different types and weighing in on our findings.  We have chosen for our family’s dining pleasure:  a Paleo version (Birch Benders), a Keto version (homemade – recipe below) and for the kiddos – their fav Whataburger Pancake mix.  And of course, there was bacon.

We had so much fun in the prep that even Lil joined us.

Now for the review.  The kids devoured the Whataburger ones with mini chocolate chips and warmed “VERMONT” maple syrup (you must understand it is important to Su that only “VERMONT” maple syrup touch her lips).  The Paleo ones were very good.  Fluffy similar to traditional pancakes and make for a great nutritional substitution.  Next time we decided we would add a little more water than what it called for.  NOW for the KETO pancakes.  We both loved them!  They get the Su and Lu stamp of approval!  They are crepe-like and we have even schemed that next time we will make a lemon-ricotta-blueberry sauce to complement.  Since I am eating pretty much Keto this was exciting to make something so easy and delicious.

We are a pair, Su and I.   Always ready for adventure especially in food.  But also in time spent together we also share our hearts.  We emptied our shelves of butter, eggs and milk tonight.  What if we took that a step further.  What if we empty ourselves of the things that are weighing us down – what might we have room for in our lives?  I am glad for Pancake Day with Su!   

Keto Pancakes Recipe
* 4oz cream cheese- softened
* 4 eggs
*optional: vanilla and/or cinnamon. (we didn’t use either)

1. Blend all ingredients thoroughly in a blender.
2. Heat the griddle/pan on medium high.
3. add butter to the griddle (we did this with each pancake), pour about 1/4 cup of the batter to cook on one side until golden (this is super important!!! don’t turn too early!!) then flip and cook on the other side for another minute or two.
4. EAT and enjoy!!