Keeping the Tradition Alive

Today Lu & I snuck away from all our responsibilities and went to Claires! Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly….we went to Claires 🙂
I (Su) had been thinking about getting another cartilage piercing and decided today was THE DAY! but I couldn’t do it without my Partner in Crime Lu!

Back Story!
One of my favorite memories is for my 16th birthday Lu let me skip school and took me to Claires to get my 2nd ear piercing and she got her 3rd. We felt like we were doing something baaad and rebellious 🙂

so when I decided to get this piercing I knew it had to be with Lu on a weekday morning when we should be working 🙂 I mean we’re all about traditions- THIS is a tradition we should keep alive!!!
I tried talking her into a cartilage piercing also…maybe next time ha

It turned out super cute and then we went shopping and out to lunch! Yay for escaping our responsibilities for a couple of hours 🙂

Lu had to get a pic of my reaction 🙂