Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Bad Outfits…

so Su & Lu go to Maurice’s!!!

Maurice’s is our favorite store in the whole wide world. I love that Lu & I dress differently and yet can find clothing at Maurice’s – together – that fit our styles perfectly!!! They have a mixture of casual, athletic, business and dressy- seriously we’ve never gone in the store and left empty-handed!
I love their graphic tees the best. They always find a way to print exactly what we’re thinking, plus they’re actually cute shirts and not just a catch phrase printed on a craft store t-shirt if ya know what I mean 😉

best graphic tee ever!
Su & Lu at Maurice’s GALentine’s Day Party

oh! and they have SHORT size pants!! you may think that’s not a big deal but that’s harder to find than you’d think. and yes they also have long for my tall chicas 🙂 The store also has ALL sizes- there is something for EVERYone!! It’s affordable, good sales, good quality, trendy but not teeny-boppery if that makes sense 🙂 plus they have great accessories, cute shoes, and the best pj’s in the winter!

But what we love most about the store are the ladies inside 🙂
If you live in the DFW area you HAVE to go to Maurice’s at Firewheel Town Center!
Victoria and Joy are our people. Even before we became “regulars” we were always so warmly welcomed, and received awesome customer service as we shopped. They’re good at picking out outfit options for customers without being salesy too so if you need guidance, they’re pros! We eventually became known as the mother/daughter duo and even got flak from the ladies when we came without one or the other.

and now we’re official!!!!….

we have our own dressing room 🙂

So if you need to feel fabulous, comfy, fancy, all of the above or anything in between- do yourself a favor and go to Maurice’s!!! You’ll thank us later!!!
**and ask what the current sales are!!!! There’s ALWAYS a sale going on!!!**

Peace, Love, & FAB Clothes,
Su & Lu ❤