Whose idea was this!?

So if you have read any of our previous posts you may have come across the “40 Days 40 Bags” that Su penned.  I had taken my dad to a midday Ash Wednesday Service that day and left Su alone for just a short period of time and wham – I am stuffing bags the next 40 days!  What?!  So what did I do about it!?  I TOLD HER ——-of course I will do it. 🙂   That’s what we do.  We take on things together.  Good/bad/funny/sad.  All of it.  I started stuffing bags.  I have had bags so far that contained clothes, kitchen appliances, and magazines.  But my favorite one so far is my bag of bags.  When I pulled it out of the closet I literally laughed out loud.  Who in their right mind has a giant bag full of every shopping bag you have brought into the house. (ME!)  If there ever was a national emergency where all the bags were gone and the call went out for anyone who had bags to help supply that need – I could have answered that call for thousands.  Not really, but seriously, why did I have all those bags.  So I pulled them out and they are now on their way to be recycled.  To hopefully become something more useful than a giant mess in my coat closet.  Truthfully, I am glad she put us up to this task.  I started the process of down-sizing several years ago and it has been interesting.  In the past 7 years I have transitioned from 2,500 sq ft. to today I am in 1001 sq ft. with a possibility of one day soon going smaller.  This process is not easy but it is freeing.  Stuff – just stuff – holds you back more than you know.  When you fill your life with stuff, you have less time for the important “stuff” (your relationships with family members, friends, and Jesus).  So Su and I are now 7 days in and I already feel lighter.  33 more bags to go!

International Women’s Day and a Bag Update!

Su here! I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to my madre Lu on International Women’s Day!! She’s so cool y’all 🙂

Today was one of those days that could’ve been labeled ehhh but what I love about hangin with Lu is that no Day is ever ehhh… every day becomes an adventure! Even the simplest things…

We went and got our free IWD pins at World Market bc we do all things free! We had noooooo time but suddenly a text comes through for a free pin and we become free as a bird!!! They’re so cute too!!!

And just like that our day was an adventure 🙂

Bag update also!!!!! Today’s bag was filled with trash from the kids room! Wow… I didn’t realize I would fill a bag that quickly either!! It was a little shocking to find that much trash in their room!!!

Stay tuned for more bag updates!!!

Our First TBT!!

It’s Thursday and it’s time for a throw back Su and Lu style.  First let me say Su and I have been through many (and I mean many!) adventures together.  Honestly, I believe our first one was the day they let me take her home and I looked at that tiny little red head and thought “it’s you and me kid – what fun we are going to have!”  So with that being said Su and I decided each Thursday we will revisited some of the highlights of this dynamic duo.  Here we go:

Through Su’s high school years I was very fortunate to go as a leader on many missions trips.  One such trip to Florida gave us tons of special memories.  There was learning to paint and roof a house for one.  And the wonderful senior citizens we had the privilege to meet.  But one thing that makes us laugh every time we think about that trip was the ongoing “What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar” contest that went on every night.  We had kids do magic tricks and even eat paper(which was a little disgusting).  Now Su and I have done many crazy talent shows and are known for totally embarrassing ourselves in these so why should this be any different.  We developed a ventriloquist act.  Not just any ventriloquist act but one where Su was the dummy.  So many things I could add here but she might kill me J.  (I have included a photo).  We had a few jokes and ended our routine with a spectacular feat.  I drank water while my “dummy” sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The part where she acted like she was choking on the water was hysterical.   It brought the house down and we were awarded not 1 but 2 Klondike Bars! 

Like I said this is the first of many throw backs we will share on Thursdays.  They bring a smile to both our faces and help you to see (and reminds us) why we are who we are today.  Thanks for letting us share!

Why Helloooooo!!!

This is legit one of our fave quotes to use and most people have NOOOO idea what it’s from!!! It’s from The Torkelsons!! Chuckie Lee Torkelson would use a manly voice and say it to girls and it was so funny!! get on youtube folks, you’ll thank us later 🙂 (and yes that’s Mouth from One Tree Hill)

But seriously, HELLOOOOO!!! Welcome to the Adventures of Su & Lu!
We are a mom & daughter duo – we be like best friends yo – and love to do alllll the fun things!!
We love local restaurants, brews & wine outings, shopping, exploring the area, traveling in our RVs, being with our family, and soooo much more!!!!

Writing a blog about our adventures has always been a dream of ours and we entered 2019 saying NOW!! We’ve got to do this NOW!!!
so here we are!
We can’t wait to share with you about our friendship, some past adventures and many many many adventures to come!!!
Stay Tuned!!!!