St Patrick’s Day Su

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Yes it is St. Patrick’s Day which can be a fun day to celebrate for most people.  But in our family it has a whole different meaning.  As you see, Su was born on this day.  Through her younger years she truly believed the parties, parades and balloons were all for her.  Everyone seemed to celebrate her birthday!  So with that established in the early years, Su’s birthday is always a party.  And don’t you think it only happens on that day – no no no – it is a week long event.  We like to call it the SUpalooza or The Week of Su.  It usually begins with a shopping trip and lunch just for the two of us.  Next comes the pre-parade night where the family gather to eat a special homecooked meal that will help us prepare for the next few days.   The parade will follow the next day and of course there is always green beer.

 Su at Tupps Brewery in McKinney

Then the finale is the gathering that takes place in a fun and festive location of all friends and family to celebrate in Su style – Green attire, crazy hair and accessories, lots of food and fun.  

The gang hanging out at
Legacy Hall

Honestly it is great!  I admire Su for fully enjoying her birthday.  Sometimes we play those special days down and I think that is a shame.  Life should be lived fully.  Birthdays are a gift and should ALWAYS be celebrated.  From day one Su has been a person worth celebrating so if she wants a Week of Su then I say “YOU GO GIRL!”  Happy Birthday Sweet Su and here’s to many more!

Birthday Lunch at Tricky Fish

Su here!!! I wanted to add our reviews of the places we went this weekend!!!
First up: Tupps Brewery in McKinney! first of all, this is the PERFECT place for families to go for St Patrick’s Day festivities!!! The music, the atmosphere- it was spot on! They had a whole area set up for kids to play- lots of activities, crafts, they had a blast! Parents were able to drink green beer and there were no lines!!! They had beer passes this year so you were able to get your beer and go! Tupps is a fun place to go on a regular day too 😉 They have a new fruit based beer: Peach Apricot Wheat that would be perfect to drink while sitting at the brewery listening to music 🙂
Next up! Legacy Hall in Plano!! so this was our first time going here- wow it’s so cool! There are like 20 different restaurants surrounding the stage – all VERY affordable and something for everyone. Keith and I had 4 street tacos with chips and guac for $20! I will say where they get you though is alcohol prices so be ready. The best deal we could find is getting a bucket o’ beers for $20-25. It’s both indoors and outdoors with awesome seating everywhere and fire pits and heaters galore so even though it was night in March we were super comfortable outside! We saw lots of families there which is always a plus so we’ll be back!!
Last but not least is Tricky Fish in Cityline area of Richardson! I love this place ahh it’s so good. We always get Cracklins to start- yall they make pork rinds and they come out hot and yep they make the crackling sounds!! We highly recommend those!! We went for brunch but everyone ended up getting the salad bc it’s THAT good- they grilled romaine leaves- like the whole stalk- and serve it with roasted okra, a couple of other goodies and then I love it with salmon on top…ahhh I’m hungry just thinking about it!! Their brunch drink menu is impressive. They have a few options for mimosas but I had a La Paloma- fresh grapefruit, tequila, lime and then they top theirs with a little champagne! ahhh it was go good 🙂

But I will say that every place we go….what makes them so amazing are the people I go there with. I’m very grateful for my family and friends!!!